A rambling young woman, stranded in a strange rural town, confronting her own existence while searching for a friend she may never find.

Ambling her way forward in a dreamish world

Constantly in search of an elusive love (Charlie), enigmatic and unrequited from her childhood—Dakota encounters an agglomeration of eccentric characters, who perpetuate (and sometimes convolute) her meandering odyssey toward the understanding of what lies beyond the profound boredom of simply existing.



Hannah Alline

as Dakota

Hannah Alline's credits include Ozark, 24: Legacy, and Doom Patrol


Dakota, though bored with daily existence, is fascinated with the intricacies of life in general. Tom-boyish and intelligent, esoteric and poetic, philosophically blasé.

Passionate and nostalgic for an unrequited love. Dakota is lost, vagabonding through
a search for purpose in the grand bleakness of the world.